ABROAD by Greyson Bryan

Magneto Books | November 1, 2022


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Skip Burton stares at the clues to his previous life. A fraying French leaflet. An ancient Mexican mitt. A smudged note from an Indonesian shaman. A life he loved but hid from his eighteen-year-old daughter Jen and buried deep within himself for decades. He watches her as she digs a final artifact from a long-forgotten box and gasps. She holds up an old photo of her mother on her way to Japan; a place her mother claimed she had never been. Skip steels himself to reveal the story behind his darkest secret: He betrayed Jen’s beloved mother when she needed him most.


ABROAD chronicles the loves, losses, and friendships of Skip, his best friend, Maddie Erickson, and his bane, Rex Moreno, as they grow from adolescence to adulthood and encounter the thrill, lighthearted humor, and occasional trauma of living and working in pre-globalized France, Asia, and Mexico.


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"I’ve spent much of my adult life living, working, and traveling overseas, but that time never felt aimless. To the contrary, I believe my wanderings helped me--in some mysterious way--find myself." -- Grey Bryan

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 Greyson Bryan's ABROAD A Novel of Cross-Cultural Encounters

 Greyson Bryan's ABROAD A Novel of Cross-Cultural Encounters